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Practical fabrics are the latest trend in durable decoration

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The phrase "practical fabric" does not fully have the comfort of a "cashmere blanket" or the sheer decadence of "silk sheets." But don't let the nickname deceive you - these often overlooked fabrics can add visual interest to your home. Most importantly, they are cheap and durable.
Yes, we are talking about burlap, flannel, grain bags, denim, etc. - these practical fabrics are ready to change from the duty of the working day to the protagonist in the home decoration.
“These hard work is very cheap and can be bought at Lowe's, Home Depot and Amazon,” said Okine B Designs family blogger Jeanine Boiko and Wantagh's Exit Realty Gateway real estate agent. NY.
To be honest: your family will be beaten by children, pets and a variety of guests - so why not use practical fabrics as much as possible? (especially in the busiest areas, sticky fingers tend to graze.)
Here's how you can use these hard fabrics at home.
Burlap is a designer's favorite, they want to inject a warm atmosphere into the farmhouse. This material has different shades and textures and is ideal for fabric paints and stencils to create floor mats, shower curtains, drapes and tables.
But it's important to note that “the burlap can smell it, so it's best to blow it dry before use,” Boiko said.
Want a DIY bulletin board to hold takeaway menus and calendars? Karen Gray-Plaisted of the KGP design solution says add filler or foam to a plywood and cover it with a burlap and decorative strips in a crisscross pattern.
You can also lie on the burlap strip in the photo frame and attach a photo inside the pushpin, suggesting Sarah Hollenbeck's
Or take it outside: "Wrap the burlap around the outdoor potted plants for a minimalist look," she said.