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Turn rotten into magic! Han and Tang Dynasty precious textiles reproduce silk roads

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Recently, the Han and Tang dynasty textile relics carefully restored by the cultural relics repairers were displayed in the Gansu Provincial Museum. The large amount of textiles left over from the Han and Tang Dynasties is one of the characteristics of the museum's cultural relics. Gansu is an important passage of the ancient Silk Road. These precious textiles have a wide variety and exquisite craftsmanship, and have high artistic value and research value.
Due to the age, the collection textiles also have different degrees of fading, deformation, corrosion and other diseases, and it is urgent to use scientific cultural protection technology to repair and protect. The restoration of ancient silk fabrics is a complicated systematic project, and it is by no means a simple labor to stay in the seams. The restoration of ancient silk fabrics must be repeatedly explored and tested in order to achieve a better result by combining history, science, art and skill.